Wisdom is the Daughter of Experience

Daily Drawing Project, February to April 2015

Bernadette Cay_Mixed Media Installation_Detail.jpg

After five years of working at some of the top companies in Silicon Valley, I was on a path with a lot of momentum, yet I felt stuck. Through a weekend class at the San Francisco Art Institute, I made a drawing a day for 70 days on nights and weekends while working full-time. Through it all, I faced the ways of thinking that were holding me back, both in making art and in living a life more aligned with my desires and values.

On a stack of index cards, I wrote down my favorite quotes and any topics on that were top of mind. Each day, I chose an index card to be the subject of that day's art piece. Each piece was a visual mantra to help me remember that piece of wisdom.


What emerged was a body of art inspired a lifetime of interdisciplinary experiences, including science and engineering, philosophy from a yoga teacher training program I did while working full-time a few years prior, books on gender and ethnicity that helped me start making art again and even what happened at work that day. The title of this project comes from a quote by Leonardo da Vinci. 

This project has evolved into a projection mapping installation and my first book, Something More: A Working Professional's Search for Creativity, Purpose, and Peace. I share with you below some of my favorite pieces.