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My story

I have loved making art since I was a child. I drew on the walls. I tried, unsuccessfully, to convince my mother to convert our laundry room into an art studio. In college, I stopped making art. As a Filipina-American daughter immigrants with many interests, I pursued the more “practical” path of engineering.

After five years in rewarding roles at some of the top companies in Silicon Valley, I felt stuck. I started making art while working full-time – on nights, weekends, and early mornings. The daily drawings of Wisdom is the Daughter of Experience are artifacts of my coming-of-age journey as a woman stepping into my own power.

As I reconnected with my creativity, I saw how separated I was from my body, gender and racial identities, nature, spirituality, sexuality, and more. I saw how my experience was a fractal of the systemic issues and environmental destruction in the world today. And through it all, I found what I was looking for all along: a true feeling of self-acceptance.

I share these drawings and my story in my book, Something More: A Working Professional’s Search for Creativity, Purpose, and Peace. I continue to explore these themes at a collective level in #VenusOnMars, my first solo show at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery.

As a natural extension of my creative work, I’m a freelance copywriter for tech companies and a leadership coach. From my studio in Brooklyn, I continue to challenge readers and viewers to consider the lives that we’re creating for ourselves and for one another. In tracing my ongoing journey from separation to wholeness, I invite others to do the same.


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