#VenusOnMars Artist Talk

I'd love to share with you the Artist Talk I gave at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery for the opening of my first solo show, #VenusOnMars. #VenusOnMars is a metaphor for restoring a sense of personal, collective, and environmental balance. Through abstract painting, I explore the foundational question: “How do you want the future to feel?”

Show notes

  • Gaia Toscano, Art Advisor at SFMOMA Artists Gallery, welcomes the audience and introduces the gallery, the artist, and this body of work.
  • Space travel has captured our imaginations as a blank canvas for a better world. “Is that canvas really blank? How might we paint a different future?” [3:40]
  • #VenusOnMars is a metaphor for balance–within ourselves, with one another, and with the world. [4:47]
  • Zooming out and looking at the future from a different angle, starting with the question, “How do you want the future to feel?” [5:30]
  • How I explore that question through two groups of paintings: The Geometric Group and the Kinetic Group. [7:15]
  • Sharing the creative process behind these works. How #VenusOnMars is a constant state of rebalancing. [12:45] 
  • “How do you want the future to feel?” Leaving the audience with this powerful question towards a softer, stronger, and more beautiful future. [14:45]