take a walk through your year

This guided visualization takes an embodied approach to reflecting on the past year.

The holidays are a sensitive time. In the liminal space between this year and the next, there’s more time to think and to feel. For some of us, this time is full of joy and connection. For others, it’s a more difficult time – perhaps the dull soreness of old scars, or an absence laid bare. For many of us, it’s some combination of both.

How might we bear witness to all of this, for ourselves and for one another? To hold it all, without trying to fix any of it.

The word “solstice” comes in part from Latin, to "stand still.”

Take a walk through your year

The days are getting longer, one minute at a time. But before jumping ahead to 2019, I hope you have a chance to hold still. To acknowledge all that you’ve moved through this year – the highs, the lows, the lights, the shadows.

We’ve all completed another perfectly messy and beautiful revolution around the ever-spinning pottery wheel of life. Before diving into the year ahead, how might we take a step back and see how far we’ve come?

Through all the ways we’ve broken open and all the ways we’ve healed apart, this year has shaped each of us into who we are today and what we bring to the year ahead.

I’d like to share with you this guided visualization, a more embodied approach to reflecting on 2018. This brief adventure (7:49) is best enjoyed with a journal, a pen, a blanket on your lap, and mug of hot tea :)

Thanks again for walking with me on another year on this incredible journey. Under gallery lights on the Bay, among the redwoods of Mill Valley, and along the waterfronts of Williamsburg. From your phone and your computer, in all the places you are in the world – thank you.

Have a restful + festive holiday, and best wishes in the New Year!