let your soul stretch

Sometimes it isn't about big, mutually exclusive life decisions.

Photo by Stef Etow

Photo by Stef Etow

Sometimes it isn't about big, mutually exclusive life decisions. Sometimes there are parts of you simply looking for some kind of expression.

About once a quarter, I try to find an opportunity to sing with a group of people. So one evening I went to the Bhakti Center in the Lower East Side to participate in kirtan, a musical tradition of call-and-response singing from India.

My time here has stretched upstate. I had the gift of spending a weekend up in Woodstock (Yes, the one from 1969. Though apparently the real festival took place in nearby Bethel. 🤔)

Late night jam sessions in a cozy cottage with friends old and new. Being rocked by a hammock under the trees. Meditating in the morning with the monks at the nearby Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

The following weekend, I hosted my first meditation potluck. It was truly a joy to lead the group, sharing all the gifts I’ve learned so far on this journey. As you can see, we may have brought a little Bali to Brooklyn along the way.

In the city or in nature, in community or in solitude, how are you letting your soul* stretch this summer?

summer reads

I’d love to share with you some books that are stretching my spirit as I soak up the sun this summer:

  1. Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less. In case you needed a permission slip to take a vacation or take up a hobby, this is it.

  2. The Art of Gathering. Applicable to any type of gathering, from work meetings and conferences to birthdays and dinner parties. (And the secret sauce behind hosting the aforementioned potluck meditation.)

  3. The Healing Magic of Forest Bathing. I’m reading a little of this each day for inspiration, savoring each section.

* Not feeling the word “soul”? Go with a word that resonates with you, e.g. spirit, love, chi. For me, it’s the force that divides our cells, pumps our steady breaths, turns a seed into a flower and winter into spring.