what are your foundations?

This month I turned 32. Three years ago, I began a journey that has shifted and expanded my existence as I knew it, a journey I'm still on and one that I'm still integrating.

In many ways, I feel like I am 3 years old, learning how to walk in the world again. In a new city with an interesting set of career options, I feel very much at the beginning of a new phase.

These past few years have dissolved most of what I thought to be true about myself and the world. I have no knowledge to share with you at this time, only what I'm actively practicing:

1) Gratitude :: Amidst all this transition, gratitude is grounding. One of the fruits of this journey has been appreciating love from my family that's been there all along. I'm thrilled to be celebrating this week at home in Chicago with my parents, family, and two closest high school friends. My foundations.

2) Surrender :: In my romantic life, I'm practicing surrender. Partnership is such a vast, multi-variable equation, a dance with the forces pulsating through all of humanity, that this area of my life is not 100% up to me. I feel a deep longing for connection, yet I don't identify and judge myself about this anymore. This surrender gives me peace.

I'm trying to apply that same level of surrender to my career. I have a growing amount of compassion for the life choices others have made, and cultivating compassion for my own.

My growth has blasted past what's convenient for my LinkedIn profile or an industry's promotion cycles, and resembles more the phases of tree growth, where +/- 1 year is irrelevant. The tight fences of Life Timelines are dissolving, revealing a lush, fertile expanse of (what I hope to be) decades ahead.

3) Patience :: Surrender is the opposite of helplessness: whether it’s work or love or life, it’s showing up to the process, over and over again – without judgement, without grasping. <3

To the next step,

then the other,