A working professional's search for creativity, purpose, and peace

I recently launched my book Something More: A Working Professional's Search for Creativity, Purpose, and Peace. I'd love to share with you the author Q&A led by Majo Molfino, women's leadership coach and host of podcast Heroine.fm. The event was held on February 8, 2017 at the tea room of The Center SF with over 60 people in attendance.

This book is for you if you’re thinking about...

  • Pursuing your creative calling while working full-time
  • Exploring your many different interests, while navigating the purposeful and the practical
  • Going on an inner journey, either while working or by taking a sabbatical

After ten years of not making art, I started making art again while working full-time in Silicon Valley. My adventures took me to the bare wooden floors of yoga studios, the white walls of art studios, and even to an anarchist bookstore and the city dump. Through it all, I found the core of what was looking for all along: a true feeling of self-acceptance.

You can find the book here.

Show notes

  • Starting to feel restless after five years of working in tech. Felt that I lacked self-efficacy. Gradually realized this feeling was related to my creativity. [4:15]
  • How I decided to take a sabbatical. Responding my desire to grow and to recharge. [8:40]
  • How I worked on creative side projects while working full-time. Taking art and writing classes on evenings and weekends. Making art or writing during the evenings and early mornings. Managing expectations. [10:22]
  • As a daughter of immigrants, managing cultural beliefs that influence my decisions. [14:25]
  • Reconnecting with my body to better manage my inner critic and listen to my intuition. [16:57]
  • Recognizing privilege. Moving through denial and guilt. Recognizing that it’s possible to have gratitude and desire something more. [21:13]
  • Managing my inner critic through meditation and journaling. Overcoming perfectionism through deadlines, faith, surrender, self-acceptance, and service. [23:10]
  • Reclaiming 10 years of my life. Learning from the experiences of older women. Seeing how this questioning affects all aspects of my life, including purpose, partnership, and parenthood. Making decisions with intention [29:02]
  • Fully accepting my many interests. Being flexible about how I make money and express my creative and analytical sides. [35:40]
  • Reaching a feeling of true self-acceptance. Makes it easier to manage my many interests. [38:08]