3 Cool Things You Might Not Know About Duchamp's "Fountain"

Celebrate April Fool's Day with this funny, enigmatic work that I've always wondered why it was so famous:

1. Dada: This work is classified as part of "Dada," a movement between WWI and WWII that was a backlash against the "reason" and logic" that had led to war, in contrast favoring "chaos and irrationality" (source)

2. What is art? This work is meant to be thought-provoking and question assumptions about art. For example, since it's a mass-produced object, it questions originality and craftsmanship in art. Since in the bathroom context the same object is considered a urinal and in a museum it's a fountain, It questions the relationship between context and meaning in art. (Janson's)

3. Why a fountain? By tradition, fountains are revered works of art and architecture, and this pokes fun at tradition (Janson's)