Chronos and kairos

A way of looking at time that's brought more peace

Photo by Stef Etow

Photo by Stef Etow

The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. Chronos is measured time–the hours, the minutes, the seconds. Kairos is the ripe or opportune time for something to happen.

We often want specific things to happen by a certain time. Listen closely to the many unrealistic expectations we have around us. They’re stated in chronos time: “A career, partner, car, and house by the age of 30.” “A baby by the age of 34.” And so on. I’m learning to let go and make space for these big life transitions to happen with the flow of life, in kairos.

Sometimes moving with the flow of life can take you right back to where you started. Preparing for this show has brought me back to a project that I’ve been incubating for the past three years. It’s finally the right time to share it with you and with the world, starting at the upcoming art opening for my first solo exhibition.

That thing you keep thinking about, that you want to do or change: is it the right time?