Something More

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Something More

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Something More: A Working Professional's Search for Creativity, Purpose, and Peace. Hardcover and 242 pages, including 29 full-bleed images of my artwork on photo paper–all printed locally in Berkeley.

Finalist for Best Overall Design in Non-Fiction in the 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.


This book is for you if you’re thinking about...

  • Pursuing your creative calling while working full-time

  • Exploring your many different interests, while navigating the purposeful and the practical

  • Going on an inner journey, either while working or by taking a sabbatical

What's inside

When I started to make art again while working full-time, I had no idea what adventures it would bring. At first glance, this is a story of a tech employee who quits her job to make art and finds herself along the way, but this book is about something more... 

The search for something more took me from the suburbs of Chicago to Stanford and Oxford, and all the way to Wall Street and Silicon Valley–some of the most elite institutions in the world. The search for something more also took me to the bare wooden floors of yoga studios, the white walls of art studios, and even to an anarchist bookstore and the city dump.

As I reconnected with my racial and gender identities, my body, my creativity, and more, I found what was at the core of what I was looking for all along: a true feeling of self-acceptance.

Between each chapter, you'll find a piece of art I made along the way and the pieces of wisdom that inspired each.

In their words...

“I am in the process of creating my purpose, so I really connected with Bernadette's process and felt inspired. This book gave me permission to create my own “something more.” I felt motivated by the way she dove in and fully committed to her mission. Seeing how Bernadette's unique path isn’t a straight line makes her approach more accessible to anyone. She makes it clear that taking a leap, doing the work, and following your “something more” works.”  –Tommy Kuntze, Independent Designer

"I love this book. Beautiful, raw, and true. Thank you for putting your love out in the world for us to see and hold and feel. What a gift." –Elle Luna, Artist and Author of The Crossroads of Should and Must

“This book has truly been a wake-up call and a call-to-action for me. I started on my own journey a few months ago. This book came at a time when I was really feeling stuck. The familiar places, mindsets, and people in the book made me feel like Bernadette was telling a little bit of my story too. I saw how I wasn’t alone in feeling this way, and that it's ok to want "something more." I've applied some of the tips from the book, such as meditation, being organized with my free time, taking steps to truly understand and love myself and my body, and many others. The art and the quotes that inspired them makes the book even more special. I absolutely loved the book–I have a friend in mind whom I’ll lend it to next!” –Irina Stanescu, Senior Software Engineer

“Great book to hold and read. The book’s design, artwork, and quotes are beautiful–I even highlighted quotes I liked. The story resonated with different facets of my own journey as an immigrant, and sparked conversations about how we're all so similar even though we come from different countries, navigating our own paths amidst cultural expectations.” –Reza Behforooz, VP of Engineering at Google

“I was reading Bernadette’s story and at one point I thought I was the one who had written it. She was able to put into words what I’m going through with my passion for music, singing, and opera. Her journey totally inspired me to continue the opera that I started writing last year!” –Karrel Bernardo, Clinical Nurse Specialist at the University of Illinois-Chicago and Executive Producer at KGB Productions

“I'd wanted to do more visual art for a while, but didn't know how to fit it to my work schedule. Inspired by Bernadette's approach, I turned a work desk at home into a drawing and watercolor desk. I moved it to the window, filled the drawers with pens and notebooks, and started getting up early to draw for 10 or 15 minutes." –Nathalie A., Writer and Editor

"This book really resonated with my own journey, especially the challenges of questioning the path that’s expected of us and exploring your creativity amidst the unknown. It is inspiring to watch the author's evolution, approaching new ideas in the context of real-life experiences. I've started to use the phrase "something more" as a way of reconciling with my own desires.” –Rob McQueen, Software Engineer and DJ

Special package: Coaching session

Looking for feedback one-on-one? Many working professionals and university students have reached out to me about their search for something more. This package includes a hardcover book and a 1 hour coaching session on what's on your mind, such as:

  • Combining your creative and analytical sides and exploring your many interests, inside and outside of work

  • Bringing a multi-month creative project to life

  • Switching to a more creative role

  • Taking a sabbatical

Look out for an email from me to schedule your session.

"I have a strong background in biotech and data science. When I was ready to transition to product management, Bernadette helped me highlight my relevant skills and experiences and identify gaps to address. This move wouldn't have been possible without all her help and advice, so thank you very much!” –Mary Farrow, Product Manager at Intuit

“After three and a half years as an engineer, I wanted to become a product manager. Bernadette’s insightful questions helped me hone my priorities and values, which made it easier for me to choose which companies to reach out to. As a result, I avoided a lot of interviews at companies that wouldn’t have been a good match. Thanks to the resources she recommended, I felt very prepared for my interviews–there were almost no surprises!” –Dillon Forrest, Co-Founder of RankScience ( and former Product Manager