What shift do you want to make in the next three months?


You have an idea in the back of your head that keeps coming up...

Is it finally time to make a shift?

SHIFT is a three-month leadership program to empower professionals to bring their most meaningful ideas to life and to build a life more aligned with their interests and values–one shift at a time.


How it works

Why three months?

Three months is enough time to focus on a project and make meaningful progress, without being overwhelming. It's an effective and familiar way to break up time, whether it's at school (semesters), workplace (quarters) or even in nature (seasons). It's no surprise that YC and #the100DayProject are each about three months.

I've made several shifts over the past few years: I've shifted roles (from product marketing to product management), companies (from Google to a startup, later acquired by Twitter), and industries (from Wall Street to Silicon Valley). I started making art again while working full-time. I took a sabbatical from the tech world. I've written a book about my journey. With each shift, I felt more expansive, aligned, and alive. But making these shifts all at once would've been overwhelming for me. Instead, I approached them one three-month shift at a time, applying the tools and lessons I had learned to each subsequent shift.


What's included

In their words...

I share my own series of shifts in my latest book, Something More: A Working Professional's Search for Creativity, Purpose, and Peace:

The story behind SHIFT

After reading Something More, readers reached out to me for resources to support their own search for creativity, purpose, and peace. From those conversations emerged SHIFT. What drives my work–whether it's through making art, writing, or building products in the tech world–is my belief in the fullest expression of human potential. And that happens one person at a time, one shift at a time.

Ready to make a shift?


"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." —Thoreau