Creativity, Purpose, and Peace

A working professional's search for something more

To me, "something more" is like a mathematical variable whose value equals whatever you’re seeking at this phase in your life. As living beings, we’re constantly growing; something more is the next direction we want to grow in, like the next leaf that grows off of the stem of a plant.

It means meeting the practical needs of survival while also including creative expression, embracing one's many interests, doing purposeful work, cultivating a healthy connection between body and mind, and making major life decisions with intention. Here are some stories of my adventures towards something more–

In their words...

  • “So courageous, playful, honest, and on the road to authenticity. It is all so pulsing with life and beauty.” – L.W.

  • “This mailer has helped energize me to dig deeper into one of my current hobbies which has led to excitement, motivation and energy that I haven’t felt recently.” – J. K.

  • “Thank you for continuing to share. The impacts are rippling out into the world as inspiration for me, and I imagine the same is true for many other people. Thank you!” – K. F.

  • “I don’t cry a lot, and it’s weird to admit that to a stranger… But I had to thank you for taking the risk, because I’m very grateful to know I’m not alone.” – P. P.

  • “Thank you for being so honest about your fears. You make me feel less alone.” – J. C.

Looking back and looking ahead

Moving through uncertainty

Having the courage to live with purpose 


Getting unstuck

Celebrating your many interests

Bringing creativity back into your life